Samsung InterCooler Replacement

Samsung air compressor cooler

Samsung Centrifugal Air Compressor Cooler Replacements

The Samsung centrifugal air compressor ( now merged with Hanwha Techwin ) maybe not as popular as other brands all over the world,, but for some other regions like Russia and Asia especially southeastern Asia, the TM and SM series machines are used a lot.

There is a big range of Samsung centrifugal models, the TM series are small while the SM series are quite large; the maximum air flow rate of SM6000 up to 12000 cfm, so the diffuser plates are needed on the intercoolers to protect the fins from the direct impingement of the air flow.


Available inter cooler models:

TM400, TM500, TM600, TM700, TM800,

TM900, TM1000, TM1250, TM1500

SM5000, SM6000


Materials information:

Cooper Tubes

Cooper/Aluminum Fins

Stainless steel cover plate


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