Atlas Copco InterCooler Replacement

Atlas Copco Air Cooler

Atlas Copco Air Compressor Air Cooler / Inter Cooler

Atlas Copco has the air compressors production plants all the over the world, it also has the centrifugal models beside the screw ones. The ZH series is widely used in India, UK, South Arica, etc. The fins have the special round shape

For some items, the Atlas Copco intercooler would be sealed by contacting the fins with the machine cavity. So there are no extra seal plates or strips. In additional, the fins and tube sheets are in round shape, which is different from other square ones. High designing pressure, strong metal fins and accurate dimensions ensure the good working performance.

Available inter cooler models:

ZH7000, ZH10000, ZH15000, ZH26000


Materials information:

Cooper Tubes

Cooper/Aluminum Fins

Stainless steel cover plate


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