Cooper Cameron InterCooler Replacement

Joy, Cooper or Cameron, no matter how you call it, they created the famous brand in compressed air industry, the Turbo Air series centrifugal air compressor including the models of TA2000, 3000, 6000, TA18, TA28, TA, etc. They are the first product you would remind if clients said the turbo air compressors.


The MSG series (multi-stage geared) machine requires a couple of the intercoolers which installed in the compressor cavity and an external after cooler. Cooling water goes inside the tubes and compressed air goes outside. Coolers supplied include back water cover and seal strips.


Available inter cooler models:

TA18, TA28, TA38, TA48

TA2000, TA3000, TA6000

TA9000, TA11000, TA20000




AAP3793922-02111,   AAA3793923-02200

AAP3408523-01110,  AAA3408524-01820

AAP3408523-06110,  AAA3408524-02813

AAP3408523-04110,  AAA3408524-04830

AAA3793924-09211,  AAA3793924-09217


Materials information:

Cooper Tubes

Cooper/Aluminum Fins

Stainless steel cover plate


compressor intercooler

compressor intercooler