Inter Cooler Replacement Parts that Fit Ingersoll Rand Centac compressors

Supplying inter cooler replacement,  all stages of inter cooler/after cooler, part of models include:


68149954  7x14889 Inter cooler stage one

68149921   7x14902 Inter cooler stage two

68149897  7x14905 Inter cooler stage three


68150010  7x14883 Inter cooler stage one

68149988 7x14886 Inter cooler stage two

68183144  7x15035 Inter cooler stage three


More available models for:

CV1, CV2, C160, C250, C350, C400, C700, C800, C950, 2C, 3C, 5C

19058148, 19058155, 19058163, 23210412, 23210420, 23210438, 22205520

22085807, 22085815, 22085823, 23966369, 23969462, 23937261

68215615, 68215995, 68218379, 68218387, 68218395, 68220789

68224740, 68224781, 68224823, 94973914, 94975406, 94975463

7X11845, 7X11846,  7X11847,  7X12113, 7X12114, 7X12151, 7X12251, 7X12622

7X12624, 7X12626, 7X12726, 7X12728, 7X12730, 7X12775, 7X12792, 7X12811

7X12818, 7X12834, 7X12836, 7X12858, 7X12860, 7X12862, 7X12929, 7X12982

7X13005, 7X13019, 7X14691, 7X14694, 7X14889, 7X14902, 7X14905, 7X15035

7X15260, 7X15261, 7X15262, 7X15269, 7X15270, 7X15303, 7X15315, 7X15408

7X2389, 7X2444, 7X2445, 7X4141, 7X4298, 8X1015, 8X10764, 8X1122

8X1174, 8X2395, 8X2396, 8X2979, 8X3545, 8X3546, 8X4705, 8X4067

Centac inter cooler