IHI Cooler Replacement

IHI Sullair Cooler

IHI Cooler Replacements

With the local production and sales network, the IHI Sullair centrifugal air compressors widely used in the southeastern Asia such as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. The TRE and TEX series are the most popular models among the whole range. It is interesting that some regions’ users like to say it is Sullair while some others say it’s IHI, while no one would call it with the full name.

Outline drawings with key dimensions of the IHI cooler replacement will be provided to customers to confirm, to make sure the IHI coolers we supply will work well. All the cooler drawings were made based on the measurement of the original ones and it had been fully proven that the replacements have good working performances. In additional, 12 months use warranty is available for our IHI air compressor cooler replacements.


Available IHI cooler models:

TRE30, TRE40, TRE50, TA60

TRE70, TRE80, TRE90,TRE100

TRX90, TRX170, TRX180

TRA40, TXZ165


Materials information:

Cooper Tubes

Cooper/Aluminum Fins

Stainless steel cover plate


compressor intercooler

compressor intercooler