Atlas Copco Air Compressor Tube Bundle

Atlas Copco Compressor Cooler CoreChinese air compressor cooler manufacturer and trading company supplies heat exchanger tube bundle for Atlas Copco screw air compressor. The tube bundles used as the cooler core of the compressor air coolers.

Avaialble models including:

ZR Series Oil Free Screw Compressor Cooler Core:

ZR3 to ZR6
ZR110 to ZR145
ZR160 to ZR275
ZR300 to ZR425
ZR450 to ZR750


1621208308, 1621205008, 1621485008, 1621490618, 1621493508

1621700108, 1621700008, 1621315208, 1621315308, 1614766551

1617533151, 1617526950, 1202985288, 1614872100


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