Cooler bundles available for Atlas Copco oil free compressor, models including ZR3, ZR4, ZR110, ZR250, ZR400, etc. Optional materials of copper tubes, stainless steel tubes, and stainless steel tube sheet. Complete same dimensions ensure the cooler bundle match the housing well, excellent materials guarantee the good working performance and long […]

Cooler bundle of Atlas Copco oil free

Replacement of aftercooler for Cooper air compressor. The aftercooler is outside the machine in casting housing, measure the dimensions and make drawings to make sure the replacement fit well. Aftercooler with copper tubes and copper fins material to have a long working life. All models of intercooler and after cooler […]

Aftercooler of Cooper Cameron

Supplying replacements intercooler used for centrifugal Atlas Copco air compressors, air coolers available for all models including ZH4000, ZH6000, ZH7000, ZH9000, ZH1000 and ZH15000. Optional materials of copper tubes, copper fins and aluminum fins. Coolers replace the orginals completely, fit the machine well and has good working performance. Send your […]

Intercooler of centrifugal Atals Copco

Replacement of Kobelco air compressor radiator with full models and part numbers, completely replace the orginal radiator of Kobelco air compressor, fit well and has good working performance. Send your inquiry with part numbers and we quote with shipping cost to your door.

Kobelco air compressor radiator

Replacement of IHI intercooler TRE series, materials of copper tubes, copper fins and aluminum fins are available. Completely fit the originals and working well. Chinese factory of air compressor inter cooler, ship worldwide to all the countries. Quote by part number and models with shipping cost.

IHI Intercooler replacement

Tube bundle oil cooler and air cooler replacement for Atlas Copco air compressor. Ship all over the world with 1 piece order quantity. Send your need of the compressor model or part number, we will quote with shipping cost to your door.

Cooler tube bunle for Atlas Copco

Radiators with customized design. The bracket is added on the above radiator to make it easily fixed with the machine, the customized nozzle is made on the below radiator.

Customized radiator