Cooler specifications to confirm before order

If the cooler you are going to buy is the radiator, that would be easy, most important thing is to confirm the part number. For example, you are planning to buy the replacement of Atlas Copco radiator of part number xxxx, all you need to do is to confirm the part number.

The air compressor radiator products are very standard, just inquire with the brand and part number and you will what you need. No matter it is Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Compair or Kobelco, just tell us the brand and part number of the air compressor radiator, we will quote with shipping cost.

part no. of sullair oil cooler

The part number is the most important spec for the standard coolers.

The cooler of the centrifugal air compressor is more complicated. First it has many coolers such as intercooler, after cooler, oil cooler, and all these cooler maybe in different structure. In additional, some coolers are in the machine, some are outside the machine, so it is very important to confirm the assembly dimensions and the nozzles positions, and otherwise the coolers can’t be installed successfully.

The part numbers of the centrifugal air compressor coolers are confused, there would be old models and new models, and each has its own part number, sometimes the new one and old one are same, sometimes there’s slight difference between them. Also, there will be different part numbers with different materials options, which increase the confusion.

photos of old cooler

Photos of old cooler are helpful to confirm the model

For example, Centac intercooler 2ACII and C950 are very similar, just a little different; Cooper Cameron TA3000 has the models of straight tubes and U tubes; Atlas Copco ZH15000 series intercooler has the new model and old models.

So for the intercooler can’t be confirmed, especially the coolers which need to be put in the compressor housing or need to use the old cooler shell, the drawings with outline dimension is needed to compare with the currently existed old coolers, to make sure they have the same assembly dimension to ensure the successful installation.

nozzle position of heat exchanger

Nozzle positions are important spec in shell and tube heat exchanger

The coolers outside the compressor is more simple, for example some after coolers and the oil coolers are not working in the compressor housing and have their own shell and pipe system. For these coolers more important is to confirm the nozzles type and positions, in case it doesn’t match the current pipe systems. For example, the inlet and outlet nozzle flange of the heat exchanger does not match the flange of the compressor oil pipe, it can be solved but better to confirm it and make everything fit before the order to avoid the extra work. Article of IGcooler, all rights reserved.