Coolers replacement that fit Ingersoll Rand Centac 3CII air compressors including part numbers of 7X12811/7X15260, 7X12834/7X15261, 7X12836/7X15262, the inter coolers are with copper tubes and stainless steel tube sheets. Welcome to send your Centac inter cooler inquiry, we will quote with drawings to confirm the model.

3CII Inter Cooler

We are the Chinese supplier of IHI inter coolers, including models of TRE50, TRE90, etc. With materials of copper tubes and copper fins, the replacement of IHI inter coolers widely export to Southeastern countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. Welcome to send your inquiry of IHI inter cooler […]

IHI Inter Cooler TRE90

Cooper Cameron Inter Cooler TA6000
Supplier of air compressor inter cooler fit Cooper Cameron (now acquired by Ingersoll Rand), models cover all TA series such as TA18, TA28, TA2000, TA3000, TA6000, TA9000, TA11000, etc, with various materials options. Below is the oem part numbers:   AAP3793922-02111, AAP3793922-02112 AAP3793922-02114, AAP3793922-02124 AAP3793922-06001, AAP3793922-06002 AAP3793922-06014, AAA3793923-02020 AAA3793923-02021, AAA3793923-02022 AAA3793923-02025, AAA3793923-02030 AAA3793923-02200, AAA3793923-02233 AAA3793923-02303, AAA3793923-02318 AAA3793923-06103, AAA3793923-06108 AAA3793923-06124, AAA3793923-06126 […]

Cooper Cameron Inter Cooler TA6000

MD1800 1617526950
Replacement of Atlas Copco MD1800 dryer cooler 1617526950 exporting to USA. The cooler is in tube bundle structure, perfectly match the machine housing and work well with copper tubes and aluminum fins material.

MD1800 dryer cooler 1617526950

MD600 Dryer cooler 1617533151
Atlas copco MD600 dryer cooler 1617533151  replacement shipping to USA. Cooler in tube bundle structure with material of copper tubes and copper fins, accurate dimensions of old style, successful assembly and working well, replace the genuine dryer cooler 1617533151 completely.

Dryer cooler 1617533151

Samsung hanwha inter cooler
Replacement of Samsung Hanwha inter cooler with material options of copper tubes, copper and aluminum fins, which are same as the genuine. Accurate dimensions ensure the assembly and working performance. Models include SM2000, SM3000, SM4000, SM5000, SM6000 and SM9000. We will provide inter cooler drawings with quote for comparison. Cooler […]

Samsung Hanwha Inter Cooler